About TSB

The Sheep’s Back is managed by a team of very experienced livestock consultants, assisted by a Producer Advisory Panel (PAP) consisting of leading woolgrowers and representatives of associated businesses.

The TSB Mission is that:
The Sheep’s Back will champion the Western Australian Merino sheep industry and improve grower confidence and their capacity to make better and timelier decisions.

Our Objectives are:
1)   To understand current issues facing producers, arm members with timely solutions and to communicate these to stakeholders.
2)   Deliver appropriate new technologies with regard to reducing cost of production and improving farm profitability which are consistent with the outcomes required by AWI.
3)   To be recognized as a network of leading sheep producers who receive timely, independent, practical information and appreciate the peer contact and support that the project provides.
4)   Illustrate with benchmarking figures the importance of sheep and wool to the sustainability of farming enterprises.
5)   Expand membership of the network to 1300 by 30 June 2017.

We will achieve our objectives by using the following guiding principles:
1)   Utilise and develop best practice extension methods with special emphasis on emerging technologies.
2)   Engage with others to improve the efficiency of the delivery of extension.
3)   Utilise where possible the services of credible sheep husbandry specialists in order to fulfil the objectives.

One of the key roles of TSB is to form and manage a network of woolgrowers and industry personnel.   Members of the TSB network receive regular newsletters and electronic communications such as emails and SMS to keep them up to date with coming events in the sheep world and alerting them of husbandry problems, as they occur, making suggestions as to their alleviation.

At present there are over 1600 members of the TSB network, with more than 1300 of those members being woolgrowers.

TSB also organises seminars, workshops and field days throughout the year on appropriate topics for its members.   These topics are selected with suggestions from the PAP and members.   A recent example was the “Sheep Easy” field day in August 2015 at Katanning in conjunction with the WA Sheep Expo.

Over 200 attendees were able to study the topic of labour saving for the sheep industry along with live demonstrations of labour saving equipment together with farmer speakers illustrating how they tackle the problem of labour requirements for their sheep enterprise.

TSB works with all members of the WA sheep industry such as SMBA(WA), DAFWA, and the Sheep CRC for the benefit of their mutual clients.

Most importantly TSB will champion the wool growing industry.