2018 Autumn Sheep Optimiser - Boxwood Hill

Event details

New Recommendations to Improve the Control Scour Worms in Lambs - Danny Roberts (DPIRD) will present on the best practice control of scour worm. Too often prime lambs grazing green pastures are allowed to accumulate high scour worm burdens, how can this be prevented?

Wool Market Intelligence Report – What are the drivers behind such a positive wool price? What is going to drive the price into the future so that good prices remain for longer? Scott Carmody, a Wool Trade Consultant from AWI will shed some light on these topics.

Investing in Sheep for the Future - Sheep margins are currently at record highs. What can be done to ensure sheep remain profitable in your enterprise? Mark Allington from Icon Agriculture will present on this topic.

Vaccinations – What, when and how many vaccinations do my sheep require? We will attempt to sort through the maze of vaccinations.

Location Address

684 Borden-Bremer Bay Rd, Amelup WA 6338, Australia