Southern Dirt's TECHSPO 2019

Event details

The conference will be held at Wagin Showgrounds and the Katanning Research Facility respectively.
On day one of TECHSPO, experts in agricultural innovation from Australia and abroad will share their knowledge and provide inspirational forums that address technological advancements in agriculture, whilst exhibitors will be showcasing innovative products and services set to revolutionise the face of Australian farming in the future. A world-class line-up of speakers will explore and unpack ideas shaping the future of farming.
On day two, TECHSPO will demonstrate a series of technologies that solve problems that farmers face every day. Held at the Katanning Research Facility, farmers and industry participants will touch, feel and see the technologies first hand. This is not a traditional field day but one where the participants actually become a part of the scenario and learn through experience. The day will literally be about implementing real solutions, where farmers can explore ways to integrate technology into their own farm taking into account topography, location and other challenges. Although a variety of solution providers will be on hand, farmers will also have access to independent advisors to help them navigate the technology divide.

Location Address

Wagin Showgrounds, 15 Ballagin St, Wagin WA 6315, Australia & Katanning Research Facility

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