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The Pingelly Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) Project site will host it's annual field day with an inspection of the individual sire's ewe progeny groups from both the 2016 & 2017 drops, along with their current results and industry presentations including:
John Young: Showing us the money! Sire wether groups profit, the drivers of it and reranking at different ages.
Andrew Thompson: Real-time monitoring of sheep using wearable sensors -Where are we at?
Bronwyn Clarke & Caris Jones: Reproduction Research Breeding Values (RBVs) - What’s new & what do they mean?

NOTE: Pre-Field Day Extra 10am - 12pm A workshop run by Caris Jones (MLA) will cover the basics of what an ASBV is and how you might use it within your flock. RSVP ONLY - Email: Phone: 97 361 055 SMS: 0428 927 034

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UWA Farm "Ridgefield" Lamard Rd, West Pingelly WA 6308, Australia

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