Beyond the Bale magazine

The magazine has two main purposes:

  • to increase awareness of initiatives in textile innovation and fashion to increase the demand for Australian Merino wool; and
  • to inform woolgrowers of products and practices to reduce the cost of production on their farms through innovation in areas such as pastures and grazing, sheep health, genetic technologies to breed more productive sheep, and shearing.

The interactive edition of the magazine is available online at This version includes pop-up image galleries and videos, a search function, and PDF downloads of the magazine. The archive of the magazine goes back to 2006.

Beyond the bale - December 2017
The most recent PDF versions are available below:

Issue 73 (December 2017)
Articles in this edition include: Flock to Baggy Green project; Merino Lifetime Productivity project update; Returning to the family farm; Wild dog exclusion fencing guide; Merino sets sail around the world; Campaign for Wool marks eighth anniversary; Woolgrowers at centre of marketing; Wool prices continue their strong run; WoolQ online portal... and much more.

Issue 72 (September 2017)
Issue 71 (June 2017)

Issue 70 (March 2017)
Issue 69 (December 2016)
Issue 70 (March 2017)
Issue 69 (December 2016)
Issue 68 (September 2016)
Issue 67 (June 2016)
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