Wool's bright future highlighted at the AWI AGM

Friday, 17 November 2017
A year of strong progress across research, development and marketing has been reported on at the Annual General Meeting of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).
International marketing campaigns continue to connect more retailers, brands and consumers with Australia's natural fibre, aided by the development of new and innovative fabrics. Meanwhile, on farm research, development and extension initiatives such as the Merino Lifetime Productivity project, wild dog control and Lifetime Ewe Management help woolgrowers lift their production and profitability.
Speaking with woolgrowers at the meeting and via the webcast, AWI CEO Stuart McCullough said there was a level of optimism around the wool industry not seen for many decades.
"It is great to see and hear of so many woolgrowers who are doing well and there are very few farmers more deserving. As the body responsible for research, development and marketing, now is the time to push hard for new innovations on and off farm. We are also telling the great story of Australian wool to more consumers and in new markets around the world."
An example of innovation is the unveiling of WoolQ, formerly known as the Wool Exchange Portal. WoolQ is to be the headquarters for woolgrowers, buyers, brokers and classers, seeking access to data, selling choices and trading opportunities. Woolgrowers are now invited to register and trial WoolQ at www.woolq.com with an introductory video at http://www.woolq.com/about/woolq-video/
Also at the AGM, woolgrower shareholders have voted on the future makeup of the Board, with the results of the election of directors as follows:

Votes for

Colette Garnsey:

James Morgan:

Paul Cocking:

Donald Macdonald:

Will Wilson:

These results mean that Colette Garnsey, James Morgan and Donald Macdonald have been elected to the Board of Australian Wool Innovation. Following the meeting, Wal Merriman was re-elected as Chairman and he thanked Paul Cocking for his years of dedicated service and contribution to the Board of AWI.
As part of this year's election of directors there have been a number of woolgrowers who have voiced their concern at not receiving voting papers. It is important to note, that although eligible levypayers can participate in WoolPoll every three years, levypayers must choose to become a shareholder to be eligible to vote in director elections. This written invitation is sent to levypayers every year.
The company with this new board is now looking forward to continuing the good work of delivering the strategy of international market competitiveness, sustainability and profitability for the benefit of woolgrowers.
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