Tools & Resources

  • The Sheep's Back Services Menu for WA producers

    The Sheep's Back have put together a document designed to provide groups and individual producers in Western Australia with some examples of what The Sheep’s Back is able to deliver to wool growers in the way of events and presentation information. This is not a limited list and many other topics are able to be covered, just get in touch to discuss any other topics or event types you may be interested in.

  • Sheep Easy 2019 Speaker Presentations (PDF)

    Sheep Easy 2019 was held in Moora on September 21st and was very well attended with over 180 delegates enjoying the conference style presentations, Farmer Panel discussions and&nbsp; the chance to interact with a wide range of representatives from the sheep industry. The trade stalls and outdoor demonstrations of sheep handling equipment sparked plenty of interest and allowed farmers to get their hands on the gear and see it in action.&nbsp;<br><br>This link provides a copy of the speaker presentations from the day and all speakers are keen to hear more from producers so if you have any feedback for them, or want to know more, please get in touch with us at and we can put you in touch.&nbsp;

  • ParaBoss

    Subscribe to ParaBoss News: A twice-monthly free email newsletter with state/regional outlooks and feature articles on sheep and goat parasite control.&nbsp;Here is the link&nbsp;<a href="" target="" rel=""></a>

  • Feeding and Managing Sheep in Dry Times

    Feeding sheep is one of the major costs to sheep enterprises in Australia. This publication provides guidelines and examples for feeding sheep over the dry periods of the year.

  • Latest Market Information – AWI

    Latest Market Information – AWI

  • Latest Market Information – Riemann (Wool forwards)

    Latest Market Information – Riemann (Wool forwards)

  • Latest Market Information – AWEX

    AWEX Market Information Services provides a range of industry market reports based on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cycles. These reports provide relevant, timely and accurate pictures of the wool market both instantaneously and historically. The reports provide information that is used as the benchmark on the Australian Wool Market around the world.

  • Latest Market Information – MLA (Beef and Sheep Meat)

    Latest Market Information – MLA (Beef and Sheep Meat)

  • The Good Food Guide for Sheep

    This publication has been produced to provide farmers with a concise compilation of current information on feeding sheep for meat production.

  • Latest Weather – Bureau of Meteorology

    Latest Weather - Bureau of Meteorology

  • FlyBoss

    FlyBoss provides you with the latest information about flystrike management and treatment, breeding and selection to reduce the risk of flystrike, and decision support tools to assist in planning flystrike prevention.

  • LiceBoss

    LiceBoss has information about lice, treatment, eradication, and quarantine issues as well as a decision support system which can help woolgrowers control lice more effectively, minimise pesticide residues and reduce the cost of lice control.

  • WormBoss

    WormBoss is a tool that has been developed by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) and the Australian Sheep Industry CRC (Sheep CRC) in order to help producers to maximise the timing and effectiveness of drenching and other worm management practices.

  • Electrodip

    The Electrodip is the original “magic eye” sheep jetter or spray race for the jetting and dipping of sheep at a constant high pressure with low volume.

  • Turkey Lane Project

    Combination of ASBVs and small management changes have increased wool flock returns by 400% over the last 13 years.